Why you're single? You're gotta kidding me isnt?

Uhm yes I'm single and im not so proud hehe. Cause for me not being single or in relationship actually is just nothing. No , seriously trust me. The only one yang paling saya sayang ( more than i love myself) just Edward  cullen. He's the only one , forever & always. But for real , I'm just waiting for my true love and get married. Hehe

and for those yang " Heart broken " or etc. Just keep calm and move on. well , It's not so easy but one day you'll get married with someone else kot. Like , he's just somebody you used to know ( your ex) Isnt? so chill and be happy , Fighting!

Wait , how about me? Dearself , are you happy?

Me? I'm happy with all le' twilight thinggy and korean drama. It's the best okay , Staying at le' home & stuck with my hubby ( Laptop ) But wait , this 22 november breaking dawn part 2 keluar! For twihard , twilighter and so on! Enjoy your day * Talk to myself* hehe xo

                                                                                                     Farhana Akmal xo

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