4 january 2013

it has been awhile huh? assalamualaikum & hello eberi bedy hehe, so happy new year everyone! woa, it has already been a year since who i am, why im being like this? wtf did i just did? and everything . i dont know how to describe tapi entahlah. time flies too fast, everything happens without we realize & ended up by getting hurt and turned into pain. Life.

Alhamdulillah my life getting better & this year im 15, cepatnya and the war just begin. Hi pmr, idk how to decribe you but pls be nice. ill try my hard of everything so pls dont pissed me off. this is my life, pergi sekolah balik sekolah tengok cerita korea, & study. that's all.

Ive no boyfriend, im not so-pretty & whatsoever and i deserve nobody, nevermind. currently - relationship with edward cullen! the one & only <3 

Im not anti-social and my life getting better so please dont judge me by my past. yes past sucks, and it killed me deep inside. uve no idea how regret i am for all those fucking memories. So be careful of ur future. its scary.

Everything happens bcos of reasons.

i cant understand what does " life " means? maybe im still young? hehe, yay.

but wait, why im getting older? why people change? why im crying?